Sunflower Free Formulation

When we set to create the Heal Hair Serum, we wanted to feature the most effective, nourishing and unrefined ingredients that would allow our scalp and hair to truly recover.

We did an intense deep-dive into ingredients and one ingredient that seemed to appear in many hair products was Sunflower Oil. We know that sunflower seeds are chockful of nutrients so it seemed like an obvious choice to include in our formulation. However, as we researched further we realized that sunflower oil is one of the cheapest and abundant oils in the marketplace because majority of the supply has been heavily refined. This makes it ideal for beauty products due to its long shelf-life; the primary concern for mainstream beauty.


In the world of food manufacturing, the refining process is referred to as RBD which stands for Refined, Bleached and Deodorized. When a natural oil makes its way through this process, it is stripped of many of its nutrient. In many cases high heat is involved and frequently a chemical solvent is used to extract oil from the seeds. Following this stage, bleach is often used to remove colour pigment and any resulting odour from the oil. The final product comes in the form of an odourless and light coloured oil which is ideal in cosmetics and hair serums.

What remains is a ghost of what the sunflower seed started out as; all of the goodness has been stripped away by the harsh refining process. Many so-called-luxury brands are misleading consumers through 'all-natural' marketing narratives. Many are featuring Sunflower oil as their key ingredient but this has more to do with their bottom line than actual benefits for scalp or hair. 

For our inaugural serum, we wanted to strictly avoid refined oils. Any substance that has been extracted using chemical solvents which can actually cause harm to our scalp's delicate ecosystem. The heal hair serum only contains highest quality, unrefined ingredients that give your hair a fighting chance at recovery.

It’s really important to check your ingredients, are you buying a cheap refined oil packaged in a pretty bottle? Quality ingredients trump packaging any day, every day.