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The Story

This project was started not too long ago in response to the chaotic year we’ve all had. Collectively we experienced disruption, disappointment, uncertainty, elevated stress levels and a loss of connection. For many of us, this chaos had physical impacts including lackluster, damaged hair and in some cases hair fall.

We dug deep and went back to ancestral wisdom. How did they engage in self care during difficult times? How did they heal, recover and fortify themselves? 

Ultimately, It was big and small rituals that helped restore a sense of balance and wellness. It involved harnessing the power of nature to help bodies and minds heal.

Informed by research, we developed a hair serum that functions as a daily leave-in treatment that eliminates frizz, enhances shine and smoothness. As a deep scalp treatment, it nourishes follicles and scalp, strengthening hair from the root to tip. We use high performing plant ingredients and keep out the gunk like fillers, silicones, toxic chemicals, phthalates, artificial fragrances, synthetic dyes

We are grateful and humbled by the responses and this has encouraged us to help so many others struggling with hair issues.