How to Say Goodbye to Split Ends

If you long for the days when your hair was silky and smooth, we have some good news. It is possible to deal with split ends in a manly and practical way. The fact is that keeping split ends to a minimum is crucial for maintaining healthy hair.

The problem occurs when the protective outer layer of your hair gets split, resulting in a rough and frizzy end. If you want to know how to deal with split ends, the first thing you need to know is what causes them.

What Causes Split Ends?

The most common are:

  • Chemical treatments, such as perms, straightening treatments, and coloring.
  • Dryness. Hair is made of protein, and when it's dry, it becomes brittle and susceptible to splitting.
  • Hair that is damaged by heat styling or hair products also tends to be more prone to splitting.
  • Weather damage. Wind, rain, and sun all take a toll on your hair. The wind can cause static electricity in your hair, which is why experts say you should try to wear it down when strong winds are expected.
  • Sun exposure can fade hair color, create brassy tones and cause dryness; the combination of sun and saltwater can do serious damage. A hat is a good way to protect your hair from harsh weather conditions, but be sure to choose one that doesn't block your scalp from breathing and circulating blood flow, or you'll end
  • up with a headache and scalp damage instead of healthy hair.
  • Haircare products. Many products are heavy in silicone or alcohol, which coat the hair shaft and weigh it down. This can cause hair to become stiff or dull-looking.

Proper Care and Nutrition

As with any other part of the body, your hair needs proper nutrition to stay healthy. You can't just eat anything you want and expect your hair to be shiny and smooth.

The first thing on the menu for healthy hair is protein. Protein helps to build strong and healthy hair by promoting growth from the roots. Many foods contain protein, including eggs, chicken, fish, beans, yogurt, nuts, and whole grains.
A diet rich in protein is also beneficial for nails because it promotes nail growth as well as strengthens and thickens them.

Eating foods rich in vitamin E like almonds, spinach, sweet potatoes, and sunflower seeds will help your nails become stronger and healthier.

Glo Dry was developed to keep hair hydrated, create alternatives to heat styling and give your hair the nourishment it needs to thrive. As an important tool in your hair wellness toolkit, it can help eliminate split ends to give you shiny, healthy hair all year long. 

Another important part of maintaining healthy hair is exercise. Exercising helps your circulation which brings vital nutrients to all parts of your body including your scalp and hair follicles. Massaging hair with the Heal Hair Serum helps ensure your new growth is strong and healthy. 

Split ends can be an annoying problem, but they’re not an unsolvable one. By following the simple steps above, you can keep your split ends under control and add years of life to your hair.